New Additions

Recently we have added pigs to our small farm, which is super exciting. This upcoming weekend we will be building a proper pig pen and getting that all ready so be prepared for that. We have a lot of great stuff happening as we continue to bear through winter. It has gotten cold here, with some temperatures dropping below 40, cold for Florida for sure. The two pigs we got are named Wilbur and Penelope and they’re from 2 different litters so we will try and mate them later on. They’re both between 4-7 weeks old and are super cute. We’re raising them for meat purposes so it’s going to be a whole new territory for us. Wish us luck and stay tuned to see all the neat stuff we got going on. Coming soon: We’re in the process of building gorgeous pallet rustic pallet walls,  building a privacy fence, and much much more. Thanks for enjoying our content! 

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